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Hello and welcome to Clark Economics.

Clark Economics is a forensic economics, economic consulting and publishing firm. We provide high quality economic research to the public and specialize in expert testimony, reports and other forensic economic services to the legal profession. 


Founded in 1988 as the SJE Group, we offer a full range of forensic economic services to the legal profession. such as: advice on interrogatories, depositions, overall strategy, and prepare expert reports for both federal and state courts.  



Dr. Clark has thirty years of experience as an economic consultant and expert witness.  He  is a Professor of Economics and Statistics at Warner University and is doctorally qualified to teach economics and statistics at both the graduate and undergraduate level and does so.

Dr. Clark is the author of over 80 books, articles and lectures in the field of economics and is a member of the National Association of Forensic Economists, National Association of Business Economics, and the American Economic Association. 

So impressive is Dr. Clark's expertise and skill set he has been retained by the Trump Corporation and President Donald Trump himself in litigation matters. 

 I am a vetted and approved forensic economist with the prestigious forensic Expert ENGINE panel. 



 In addition to estimating and forecasting damages for the plaintiff’s counsel, we review, critique and offer rebuttal testimony and reports for defense counsel. 

When proof (or rebuttal) of economic liability is required, we show how economic  incentives (disincentives) encouraged (averted) damaging conduct and performance by either an individual(s) or firm(s). All work is firmly founded on generally accepted economic theories, principles and knowledge.